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Mention Me Engineering Blog

The latest in tech at Mention Me


March Hackathon - Fun, Food, and Rail Strikes!

In March, we held a 3-day hackathon for our Product teams. This blog takes you though the prep, the judging, and the fun we had!

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Latest posts

Chat GPT: How It's Helping Me Do More With Less as a Tech Lead

Exploring the intersection of natural language processing and software engineering: Matt shares his experiences with Chat GPT as a Tech Lead.

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From big bang releases to a scale up

From big bang releases to a startup - Steve shares his experiences moving to Mention Me who are constantly trying to improve and innovate.

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We just like to have fun!

At Mention Me we like to have fun! As much as we take our work seriously, we like to unwind and socialise as a team.

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Engineering Career Framework

Mention Me is scaling up, as we grow more visibility of growth options for the engineers is important. We needed a career framework - so we created one!

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Our Approach to Pen Testing

Security is a critical element of the Mention Me platform. In this blog, we’ll dive into one aspect of our security process: the penetration test (or "pen test").

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A day in the life of... Spyros, Product Manager

We chatted with Spyros, Product Manager, to find out more about life on the busy Product team and discover his recipe for doing the job effectively. 

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A day in the life of... Cookie, QA Lead

Find out what Cookie, our Quality Assurance Lead, gets up to in his day-to-day life at Mention Me.

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Engineering Workshop - April 2022

We’ve been particularly busy recently with our May product release coming up, so it was the perfect time to have a break, get together and have some fun! Here's what we got up to.

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A day in the life of... Ryan, Software Engineer

Ryan is a recent joiner in the engineering team. We wanted to introduce him!

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